Paralysis Ticks

Every year Australian vets warn pet owners to be vigilant as explosions of tick paralysis cases in Australia’s eastern states leave trails of casualties. Warm humid weather are perfect breeding conditions and create huge numbers of paralysis ticks.  So after a very dry summers followed by rainfall all pet owners need to be extra vigilant and protect their pets now.



Many pet owners think that daily checking is enough - however they can be very hard to find and are very easy to miss. Paralysis ticks can be identified from other types of ticks as the legs are all close to the head where other ticks have the legs spaced around their bodies



Products you can use to help protect your pets, as well as daily checking are -

Frontline Plus used every 2 weeks is effective for dogs & cats

Advantix used every 2 weeks is effective for dogs

Nexgard used monthly is effective for dogs

Nexgard Spectra is a combines flea, tick heartworm & intestinal monthly chew for dog

Preventic collars, Kiltix collars and Scalliber bands are all very good at preventing ticks from attaching

Fido's Concentrate will kill ticks when used as a shampoo or rinse


If you find a tick on your pet, remove it immediately using a tick remover or tweezers, NEVER use kerosene or Petrol to douse the tick


Always seek veterinary advice if you find a tick on your pet or suspect your pet of having tick paralysis.

New Products News

There’s now a simple solution to flea and tick protection for dogs. NEXGARD® is the first tasty beef-flavoured chew that kills fleas AND ticks, including deadly paralysis ticks for a full month. Protecting your dog from these dangerous parasites is now as simple as giving your dog one chew, once a month.
Fleas and ticks are a nuisance to our dogs. Fleas can cause skin irritation, while ticks can r...esult in severe illness and even death. There’s now a simple solution to flea and tick protection for dogs. A monthly treat your dog will love, NEXGARD® won’t wash off when your dog goes swimming or is bathed. NEXGARD® doesn’t just kill fleas, it also kills deadly ticks which is important for people who live in paralysis tick areas or travel with their dogs to high-risk tick locations. NEXGARD® can be given to puppies from 8 weeks of age and >2kgs in weight, with or without food. Can I use other medications such as heartworm preventatives while using Nexgard? There are no known drug interactions when using here are no known drug interactions when using NEXGARD®for flea and tick control. How does Nexgard compare to other products on the market? FIRST OF ITS KIND! * NEXGARD®rapidly kills fleas and kills paralysis ticks for a full month * NEXGARD’S simple monthly dosing ensures an easy-to-remember treatment regimen which may help drive compliance. * NEXGARD® is a tasty beef-flavoured chew (not a tablet) and can be given with or without food. * In a field study, Comfortis-treated dogs had a 3x higher incidence of vomiting compared to Nexgard-treated dogs. * There is no concern using NEXGARD for dogs in shared dog/cat households. * Regular swimming or frequent bathing does not impact the effectiveness of NEXGARD. * Safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks and more than 2kg. * Robust Australian Study Data supports label claims. Can Nexgard be given to cats? NEXGARD® is registered for use in dogs only. Appropriate FRONTLINE® products can be used on cats for flea and tick control.


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