Pet Minding In Your Own Home

Keep your pets safe and well in the comfort of their own home. Lisa specialises in Gold Coast Pet Minding.

Do you dread the idea of putting your dog or cat in to a boarding kennel? Who is going to look after your chickens while you are away?  What about Cocky? We've all heard the horror stories and only want the best for our animals.

Gold Coast Pet Minding

Most pets are very easily stressed by change and many suffer from separation anxiety without the daily appearance of a friendly face.  The answer is to have your pet looked after by Lisa's Gold Coast Pet Minding when you are way,  in the familiar surroundings of its own home and with the comfort of knowing that the same familiar face will be visiting and looking after your pet every day.

Gold Coast Pet minding is not just a business for Lisa,  animals are her passion and the business was founded after Lisa moved to Australia with her 2 cats & 2 dogs and found she had no one to look after them while she was away, and every animal she minds is treated like her own.


All Gold Coast Pet Minding visits include

  • Free meet & greet.
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter updates and photos.
  • Minimum 30 min walk for dogs (off leash where possible), or cat play time, litter trays refreshed, Fresh food & water.
  • Garbage bins in and out & papers & post bought in.
  • Plants watered (within reason)
  • Cat Charges 1 x cat $20.00 2 x cats $23.00 3 plus cats $25.00  
  • Dog Charges 1 x dog $25.00, 2 x dogs $30.00 3 plus dogs $35.00
  • Horses fed & rugged $25.00                                                                                                               

A 2nd visit per day will be charged at a flat rate of $10.00 and will be a 15 minute visit.


Birds & small furries can also be boarded at Lisa's home

Small birds $5.00 per night large birds $10.00 per night cage to be supplied by owner

Mice, rats, guinea pigs $5.00 single or $10.00 for multiples


Contact Lisa today to discuss your Gold Coast Pet Minding needs.  You can call her on 0416 673 592



Indi, Jet, Felix & Octavia 


A big thank you to Lisa for looking after our 2 energetic dogs, cats, budgies & fish! We were away for a couple of weeks and were really impressed with the care and love they were given. The photos also reassured the kids that all were well loved and exercised. Taking care of the mail and watering the herb garden was really appreciated. Excellent service, thank you!


Diesel, Lola & Charlie

We were away for 5 days, Lisa was fantastic. Highly recommend for your fur baby requirements. ��


Coco & Gucci


Tanya Hagen via sms

Thanks heaps for taking care of Gucci & Coco, I saw the pics on Facebook, Coco was showing off by doing her tricks on the doggy bridge. Thank you so much.


Penny (RIP)




Lisa is a star and looks after Tinkabell for us every time we go away, we are so grateful to her as we know Tinks will be well looked after and be brushed every day, and the house will look lived in as the papers & post all get bought in. Rebecca, James & Audrey




Becky Maree Gardiner — 5 starLisa really came through when we needed her as we were in a different county and our previous pet sitters were about to dump our baby. lisa had skylar in 45 minutes of getting that knowledge and looked after our puppy skylar for over a week the way she should be treated thank you so much lisa you really were mine my partner and skylars life saver!!!! :)


 Possum                                    Muppet (RIP)

what a friendship it has been.Muppett (RIP) and possum would agree .


1 Year Ago Today
Friends on Facebook with Lisa Larman for 1 Year!


Angus & Barney


Niki Thrower They look very happy! Thank you 😀


· April 9 at 11:33am




Julie De Las Heras reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

July 12, 2015 · 


Highly recommend Lisa, she really goes that extra to make sure your furry loved one is comfortable and loved while in her care. Thank you so much



River & Indi


Andy Nevar Revlis reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star September 12, 2016 · Lisa looked after our two high maintenance cats while we were away for a few weeks. I have a highly strung bengal and a jealous, needy siamese �. Lisa was very attentive and my cats instantly took to her. We got updates and photos which really put our minds to rest as our cats mean the world to us. Thanks so much for giving them so much love and putting up with Indy's howling � LOL Will definitely use Lisa's pet sitting again and highly recommend her. � Your pets are in good hands with her!



 Eddie, Marty & Roxy

Amanda Batchelor reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

December 1, 2015 · 


Lisa is awesome! We have a bit of a zoo at our place with 3 dogs, 2 birds and a fish and Lisa takes great care of them all. We're so happy to find someone who not only feeds our animals when we're not there but also goes out of her way to spend quality time with them. Lisa even takes our 3 boisterous dogs down to the river at our backyard for a swim on hot days. Thanks Lisa, you're the best!



Rebecca Hudson reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

January 8, 2014 · 


Great service. Thank you for loving after our babies.


 Honey & Bronson



 Jo Tomlinson- Lisa has looked after our dogs for the last 7 years & does a great job, even on super busy weekends like last week (christmas) she did the same. Bins out, mail in, even sent us pics 😊 she’s great.


Spencer with his friends Skylar, Nikki, Snowie, Bronx, Baxter & Roxy all out on thier afternoon walk.


 Pippa Snowdon I think Spencer is missing his pals. 


 Libby, Diesel, Jack, Emmy, Oscar, Chloe, Bonnie, Snuggle pot


Pete Caton Hi Lisa, thanks for looking after the guys while we were away




July 3, 2015 · 

Posted by Chris Durrant. Hi Lisa, been meaning to do this for the last 2 days. Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Coco last weekend, she seemed to have a wonderful time and lapped up all the spoiling...think you may have made a rod for your own back




Keri Herbohn reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

October 3, 2015 · 


Lisa did such a great job caring for our dog while we were away, and she kept us updated. It was great to be able to leave our girl at home and know she would be looked after.

Top of Form




Renee Czapla reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

July 24, 2014 · 


Thank you so much Lisa for taking care of our dog Misha while we were away! She was truly spoilt and very well looked after! And thank you so much for going above and beyond today by coming with me for our first off leash experience with Misha! I am feeling much more confident in taking her for a run at the park while juggling her and the two little kiddies! Definitely a positive experience and I will not hesitate in recommending your services :-) thanks again!




Sharon Reynolds Heath reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 4 star

January 12, 2015 · 


Thank you for minding nala whole we were away she hasn't left my alone! Like my shadow follows me everywhere sits on my chest aand knead me till I wake up!



Hudson & Kuma

Michelle Jakubenko reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

July 14, 2015 · 


Lisa has looked after our two dogs on a number of occasions. We feel very comfortable leaving them, knowing they are being cared for like they are her own! Hudson and Kuma get excited at the mention of Lisa's name. Thank you for the brilliant service you provide Lisa!



Wicki & Angel

Mark Williams feeling thankful. 26 mins We just got back from a week in Fiji. We had Lisa Larman look after our dog and my daughters dog while away. I just wanted to say what a great job she did. Even put our bins out, which we didn't expect! Great job Lisa! Highly recommended.


Buttons, Bikki & Bob


Trudi-Lee Wilson Thanks for the lovely update👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We're really missing them😢


· Reply · Message · January 11 at 8:11pm


Molly, Diamond & Dex

Tanya Hill reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

November 22, 2016 · 

Lisa looked after my fur babies while I was away for 4 days. I was extremely happy with the service Lisa provided & she went above & beyond what was expected. To my surprise one of my babies decided to become a little escape artist & Lisa battled with him over the 4 days to keep him inside the gates. But each time he managed to defeat her. Fortunately he never went anywhere. He would be waiting in the driveway each time she arrived to give her a more personal greeting! Thank you again ️xx




Lisa Young reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

August 23, 2016 · 


I highly recommend Lisa's Pet Minding. My mind was put at ease knowing that I could go away and my dog Peedy was being taken care of in Lisa's good hands.



King & Sterlo

Judy Anne Laffey reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

October 17, 2016 · 


If you ever need any one to mind your pets get Lisa she looks after they they are her own pets



Millie, Harry & Tex


Katrina Powell – Thankyou for looking after our fur babies




Rebecca Craker reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 star

March 30, 2016 · 


Lisa kept happily kept us updated and our dog seemed very happy when we got home from our holiday.





Jay Shan Thanks so much for looking after him!! 😎

Claire Alana These are the best, nice action shots 😂🙈





Laura Janetzki 😀 😀 He looks so happy



Chi Chi


Dawn Dade reviewed Lisa's Pet Products & Pet Minding Voted Favourite Gold Coast Service — 5 starune 21, 2015 ·   What an amazing 2 weeks I had staying with Lisa, I've come home wagging my tail & happy & asking when can I go on holiday again! Thanks so much for everything you did for my baby girl and I can't thank you enough!! She will be back again soon for more love & cuddles




Lisa looks after Le-Ling for me every month while I am away on business.        I am so happy to have found her knowing my darling cat and my house are safe when  I am away. Pauline




Beth Stret  Thanks Lisa. He always is so happy with you




Gail Kresh — 5 starI sold my property 4 weeks ago and was going on holidays for Christmas and was worried about where my daschund Benny was going to go until I got home to my new unit. I found Lisa and could not be more grateful for the care she gave to my little dog. She even helped him lose those extra kilos with a lot of exercise! Seeing updates with pictures of him having fun really eased the angst of leaving him behind for a few weeks! I could not recommend or thank Lisa enough for her services! Thank you again!! Gail & Benny Kresh - Benny has been back to Small Furries for another holiday since this was posted.




Sam Sinclair Once again thank you for having Hope, we have one very tired doggy



Chicco, Napoleon & Annie

Mary - Thanks so much for looking after out babies, we will definitly recommend you in the future.




 I have used Lisa's Pet Minding service- It is wonderful and our beautiful dog was so well looked after I bet she is hoping we will go away again soon. from Sam - Ormeau Lions Club on Facebook



Ellie & Brian 
Sharna -Lisa thank you so very very much! You made our holiday so much better, knowing our fur babies were being well looked Seeing pictures on Facebook was just wonderful and really put our minds at ease! We dropped off 2 little rascals, and 10 days later we picked up 2 very well behaved dogs! We couldnt thank you enough!! Ellie and Brian can't wait for their next holiday! Thank you again!!
Thanks Lisa for doing such a great job, the animals all looked very happy when we got back, we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends, & will book you next time we go away. Julie, Dave, Jessie, Samson,Lilah & Charlie. - we are now regular clients since sending this.


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